Touring Europe is easy; with departing flights at your fingertips

With over forty countries in Europe, as well as the multitude of surrounding islands, and the expanding United Kingdom, there are sights, foods, and experiences to delight every traveller. No matter where you are travelling from, landing in London is one of the easiest locations to begin your journey. Fill up your suitcase with beautiful clothes and accessories on Carnaby Street, enjoy egg and chips by the water, and surround yourself with some of the most historic buildings in the world. Easily travel north to discover the majestic sites of Scotland and Northern Ireland, or continue your journey south to the beaches of Spain. Just a train journey away and you are in the heart of Paris, hailed as the most romantic city in Europe. Eat alfresco under the Eiffel Tower, or sample the French snails, Croque Monsieur or a Boeuf Bourguignon. Try your hand at the tables in Monaco just south of France, visiting the iconic Casino de Monte Carlo after exploring the luxury coast by yacht. For the foodie traveller, you cannot ignore the Italian cuisine; taste Bolognese in Bologna, enjoy gelati as you wander through the cobblestone streets of Rome, and eat the best pizza in the world in Naples. If you are looking to sit by the beach, sip cocktails, and frolic daily in the perfectly warmed water, spend a few days hopping between the Greek Islands, enjoying the music and nightlife in Mykonos, and marvelling at the black sand beaches of Santorini. Touring Europe is easy; with departing flights at your fingertips, call us now to book your European getaway!

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