South America

South America

Discover everything South America has, and allow us to build you the perfect holiday today

The home of the Amazon rainforest, Lake Titicaca and the Patagonian glaciers, incredible food and vivacious nightlife, South America is an unforgettable continent to travel through. Compromised of twelve small yet captivating countries, it's easy to enjoy a wide range of cultures and experiences in such a short space of time. A destination that sits at the top of most bucket lists is the historic climb of Machu Picchu; this regularly sold-out adventure is the heart of Peru’s archaeology landscape. With tours to guide you and point out the treasures of this mysterious spot, this is the best location for active travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. For colour, carnival and a city that beats to the drum of samba music, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most iconic city, is a must-visit. Spend your days soaking in the sun on the picturesque Copacabana beach, or watch the sunset from Pão de Açúcar, the mountain summit only accessible by cable car. Even if you don’t like football, the experience of being in the thick of crazed, passionate football fanatics at a game in Buenos Aires should be a top priority, as well as sampling the nation’s favourite delicacy, the perfectly grilled steak. Just outside of South America is the vibrant country of Mexico, known for its underground wrestling culture and as the home of tacos, quesadillas and the success of street food. Surrounded by the Caribbean, countries like Jamaica and Puerto Rico are just short flights away. Discover everything South America has, and allow us to build you the perfect holiday today. Call now to get started!

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